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    Homoeopathy is a system of medicine based on the principle of “treating like with like". Homoeopaths treat patients and not the diseases and take into account a range of physical, mental and lifestyle factors in patients for the selection of medicines. Hence, Homoeopathy is tailor made for individualized treatment. Homoeopathic medicines stimulate the body’s own defense system and allow the body to heal itself. Such medicines are very safe, gentle and do not have toxic side effects. This system which was first introduced in Germany and came to India in the early nineteenth century has taken root in the country and has gained mass acceptance as well as official recognition.

Homoeopathy is unique in that the preventive aspects are given as much importance as the curative. It is also cost-effective and safe. All credits goes to the geneius Dr.Samuel Hahnemann , the father of Homoeopathy

    The necessity and importance of an organization was realized by every homoeopath of our nation for the development of our system. The senior homoeopaths desirous to form a organization and combined thought inspired’ Indian Homoeopathic Medical League evolved

Aims and Objectives the Organisation
• To promote and advance Homoeopathic science by providing all types of Education and Research
• To assist and associate with the efforts of other academic bodies governmental and non-governmental for the welfare of Homoeopathic system
• To adopt measures in the propagation of Homoeopathy by arranging scientific seminars, workshops, exhibitions, public awareness programs , conference and convention
• To institute and award scholarship, fellowships, monetary assistance and awards with a view to promoting interest in studies and research
• To propagate public health awareness through free medical camps and maintain a free library for all
• To print and publish journals for the promotion of the objects of the trust
• To start, establish, organize herborium on medicinal plants, hospitals and Research laboratories and homeopathic colleges.
• To serve orphanages, Old age homes, and mentally and physically handicapped by providing shelters at free of cost.